CHOIR CLUB - Tuesdays/Tirsdage 18.30-20.30 on Tagensbo Skole

Choir Club is an international choir of about 30 people who both share the love of singing together, and also value the social life that comes with singing
in a choir.

Everyone who loves to sing over the age of 18 is very much welcome. Most of our arrangements are in 3-5 voices and in various levels of difficulty. Sheet music reading is not a requirement at all, our only wish is that you can follow a melody in tune.

You can always join us for a free trial rehearsal and see if the choir is a good fit for you (spoiler alert: it usually is). Usually the rehearsal starts with a short warm-up with some breathing exercises, playful rhythmic games or improvised circle singing.

Every season we learn new songs, while we also continue to work on our main repertoire. We sing in different genres – from pop to rock, world and folk – both contemporary and old classics.

Our conductor Aleksandra Raczynska started the choir in 2020 after moving to Copenhagen from Poland, with the wish to create a social and warm atmosphere for people to sing together.

She is a professionally trained jazz vocalist and choir conductor from the Academy of Music in Gdansk. Other than Choir Club she also conducts the vocal ensemble MVE Copenhagen, the show choir ACE Performance Singers and teaches solo singing.

We usually have 1-2 concerts over the course of a season, and from time to time we perform at street events, happenings or the occasional Christmas market.

We are a very social choir and there are always a bunch of people who go out for a beer after rehearsal or meet outside the choir over the weekend. We see ourselves as a welcoming, open-minded and chill group of people, where music is the connecting link.


Tagensbo Skole, Aula 1st floor,  Hovmestervej 19, 2400 København NV.

Tuesdays 18.30-20.30
Tirsdage kl. 18.30-20.30

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